Three-jaw centric gripper

These grippers can in part be delivered as standard grippers by our licensees or the design can be customised by us for your application (Please inquire).


Baugröße DN 40 DN 80 DN 125 DN 160 DN 240 DN 380
Gehäuse Außen ø 52mm 96mm 125mm 190mm 250mm 400mm
Gehäuse Höhe 71mm 106mm 126mm 130mm 170mm 170mm
Außenspannen ø max. 40mm 80mm 88mm 150mm 280mm 470mm
Außenspannen ø min 1mm 2mm 4mm 10mm 50mm 80mm
Innenspannen ø max. 48mm 100mm 112mm 180mm 320mm 430mm
Innenspannen ø min. 8mm 20mm 26mm 35mm 90mm 140mm
Innenstellung 0,5Kg 1Kg 6Kg 12,5Kg 22,5Kg 22,5Kg
Außenstellung 4,5Kg 10Kg 14Kg 25Kg 45Kg 45Kg

Planetary thread grippers can be engineered absolutely backlash-free in their radial and axial jaw movement, and the whole gripper can be sealed!

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Technical report (PDF-file)

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This product is patented.