Our Team

Sarah Maul - Technician and proxy

Sarah combines experience and knowledge in mechanical engineering and management to lead the team for a successful fulfillment of our customer’s needs. She is in close contact with several partner firms, manufacturers and suppliers. She pursues the same goal as her father – the founder of the firm: using the passion for mechanical engineering to create innovative solutions for real life problems.

Christoph Stancel - Engineering and Development in full time

As a Master in Engineering and also a Master in Economy Christoph is always able to analyze any problem from different points of view. He likes thinking problems systematically through. To find solutions he regards as often to ancient classics of gearing technology as he studies the newest published papers from state-of-the-art of science and technology.
His constant curiosity and drive to gain knowledge and understand physical constraints are our guarantees to achieve best technical performance. He is a great team player.

Ákos Elek - Engineering, Development, Prototyping and Programing in part time

You would not expect it by his young age but he is is an engineer with many talents: if it is test bed assembling or engineering; milling, welding or turning machine, plc programming, handling our 3D printer or our digital server-side service, his attention goes in several technical directions. To describe his talents best the word “allrounder” fits the most. CAD he manages since his childhood years and next to several programming languages he speaks also Hungarian fluently. All this results of his great interest in automobile technic. He is studying at the FH Aachen and is currently working as a stundent trainee.

István Elek - Engineering, Development and Prototyping

Istvan is our most experienced team member and also the best actioner in engineering, fitting parts and assemblies together and gauging the part and the design, if any problems occur. To him it makes no difference if the parts consist of only some millimeters or it is a facility with several kilowatts in power. He gained long-time praxis in special purpose machinery manufacturing and accompanies us since over 10 years as a freelancer.

Simeon Wolf - Engineering and Development in part time

Simeon is the youngest member of our team and so he is also the one which is closest to the last developments in engineering knowledge. He just became a Bachelor and is as hard working for Maul Konstruktionen as he is also studying for his Master. Calculating, designing and engineering, simulating and experimenting are his daily routines.
He is currently working as a student trainee and we would be very happy to offer him his first working experience.

Hans-Erich Maul

Our ingenious founder and director of the company until 2020

Over the years he invented and applied numerous patents, innumerable inventions were made by him and he inherited many satisfied costumers to the next generation of the company. His curiosity, drive for action, inventive genius, diligence and enthusiasm for technics still remain in our team.
Until the foundation of Maul Konstruktionen in 2008 he spent several decades of his working life as an engineer and developer for textile engineering, automation and handling. He designed several gripping mechanism and was also able to sell them on the market. Furthermore he accumulated his own passion and knowledge for gearing technology, which is today’s companies focus. He passed away unexpected in 2020. We miss him until today as an honest human, loving family father and brilliant inventor.