Steering gears

Up to now steering gears usally utilise worm drives with a maximum ratio of i = 20 : 1, since on higher ratios they would not allow for any backwards rotation. Our new developed involute steering gears achieve higher ratios and can transmit higher torque than comparable worm drives due to an increasement in module. If two input pinions are combined, even higher stresses e.g. for steering heavy duty vehicles can be tolerated. With their compact design, these gears take up smaller installation spaces than so far used worm drives.

Since spur gears naturally come with higher efficiency, the same output torque can be accomplished by motors where both, the diameter and the length are decreased by 30%. The parallel alingment of the system, including the motor as well as the gear itself, and the steering column facilitates further space reductions with the gear located behind the steering wheel. Theses systems are patented.

Arrangement of gear box with 2 input pinions
Visualisation of running drive with 2 input pinions

Application of steering gear

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