Thread regulators

Internal thread regulators

The servo motor actuates the inner threaded sleeve. A double thread washer is axially relocated by the inner threaded sleeve. The double thread washer consists of a single, self-locking thread on the inside and a multiple coarse thread on the outside. Additionally, it has drilled holes for the studs of the linear guide. The displacement of the double thread washer via a coarse thread, causes a rotation of the outside threaded sleeve, which is connected with the control chain. Due to that the camshaft’s phase changes relatively to the motor’s crankshaft. Version 1 is constructed for a sprocket and not sealed on behalf of future oil lubrications. The servo motor has to be connected via a coupling with drive thread sleeve the on the front side.

External thread regulators Motor cog wheel

The design is similar to version 2, with the difference that the outside sleeve is driven by a pair of cog wheels. One wheel is made of steel and the other one is made of synthetic material, created for dry running.
Simulation External thread regulators Motor cog wheel

External thread regulators Motor cog wheel
The functionality is similar to the internal thread regulator, but in this case the outside threaded sleeve is driven by a cog wheel. The outside sleeve has a flat inner thread and the internal threaded sleeve has got a coarse thread. The outside threaded sleeve shifts the double thread washer.
Version 2 is designed and sealed for life-long oil lubrication. Inside the space of the cog wheels of the crankshaft cam toothed belt, the motor can be offset with its axis, which results in a very short construction method in an axial direction.

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