Octagonal coiled spring clamping systems

Coiled spring expansion clamping systems were developed and protected. These systems can be delivered by us as customised designs. We would be glad to receive your requests! The rights cannot be sold or licensed!

Pneumatic coiled spring expansion clamping gripper to grip thin pipes and bolts. Especially suited to grip at high temperatures.
Fig.1: Coiled spring expansion mandrel with single with octagonal head.
Fig.5: Coiled spring expansion clamping sleeve with octagonal head.

Coiled spring expansion mandrels and clamping sleeves are used for tensioning in lathes and milling machines, mandrels are used to achieve the exact tension in drillings, and clamping sleeves are used for tensioning bolts. They produce an exactly centrical effect and

make it possible to achieve significantly larger changes in diameter than e.g. wedge clamping or hydraulic expansion systems. They produce large forces due to a spatial toggle lever polygon of forces.

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This product is patented.