Belt drives

With their various design possibilities from a simple belt with two pulleys to complex applications with many convolutions and spatial twist, belt drives are convenient solutions in many areas of modern mechanical engineering. Especially, where great distance needs to be covered, belt drives are often exclusive options. We only show the most important types in several films below. The size may vary from a microscopic (e.g. as used in printers) to a macroscopic (e.g. textile processing machines) level.

In many cases a belt drive is economically more viable, specifically if a low noise level is required. Appropiate dimensioning ensures an extended lifespan. By using self implemented software and such provided by our partners, we compute significant parameter of belt drives. With our long-standing expertise in usage of belt drives for complex applications, we are happy to advise you in choosing a suitable solution for you. Additionally, we design your belt drive.

Round cord belt drives are used, if an inexpensive belt drive running on low speed with mean structural requirements is needed.

If high speed and medium torque without positioning is requesteed, flat belt drives can be designed with very small redirections.

For high performance purposes with long lifespan, V-belt drives are a perfect solution.

V-ribbed belt drives are beneficial for relatively high torque and power. They are often advantageous for complex gear related applications without precise positioning. Due to their flat design, V-ribbed belt drives are well redirectable on a small radius.

Tooth belt drives combine the advantages of flat belt drives and V-ribbed belt drives. Additionally, the rotaion angle is rigorously transfered.

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