Business activities


We design using the AutoDESK Mechanical 2019 CAD systems in 2D and Inventor 2019 in 3D. Our system house: Mensch und Maschine CAD-Praxis GmbH based in Düren, Germany.

Dynamic simulation

Using Inventor, we analyse and simulate modules with regard to mobility and collision, and calculate the dynamic stress on components and entire mechanisms. Examples for dynamic simulations: Bsp. 1, Bsp. 2, Bsp. 3, Bsp. 4, Bsp. 5, Bsp. 6.


Using Inventor, we analyse and simulate specific machine components and modules with regard to stresses and elongations and so on.
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Simulation of a displacement

Calculation Software

We are using different Calculation Modules in KISSSoft to calculate gears and other machine parts.

Calculation modules, in-house development

We calculate mechanisms and systems with modules developed in-house, for e.g. planetary systems, eccentric gears, grippers etc. Hypo gearings, epi gearings, basic cycloid gearings, rack and pinion gearings and further special gearings can be exported into the inventor by the calculation module. Then they are modulated into three-dimensional cogwheels and can be examined. The best way to explain assembly processes and complex mechanisms is to depict them as exploded diagrams in a film.

Simulation of a gearing

Example of a calculation ( please click to enlarge)
Simulation of a laser explosion

Instruction manuals

The MS-Office programmes allow us to construct even extensive instruction manuals, documentation, Excel calculations and Power Point presentations.

Example of a Excel calculation (please click to enlarge)
Example Documentation (click to enlarge)